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Simplify your General Ledger and Chart of Accounts

Dot Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts gives you a visual way of viewing all accounts created in your General Ledger. You can view account groups and account numbers as well as make description changes in this area. The ability to search for specific accounts or groups as well as print out those accounts is an added benefit.

Dot General Ledger

Organizing your business information will be easier than ever with tools and forms that consolidate all of your information in one place. All transactions are tracked and tied directly to your General Ledger. No more sifting through paper statements to find a single equipment purchase or deposit date. No more tedious calculations to add up all of the bills. Set up recurring transactions to eliminate repetitive tasks. One simple workflow will help you manage your cash and stay on top of your finances.

Dot General Journal

The General Journal form allows you to enter transactions that aren't specific to the Checkbook, Sales, Purchases and Inventory transactions. You use the General Journal to enter those types of transactions that are not readily categorized elsewhere in the program. Having an easy to use layout can make this task painless. In addition, duplicating a Journal transaction can save you the time of entering it again.

Dot Budgets

Setting and monitoring a budget is an easy task. With comparison to last year's budget on the same screen you can see spikes in spending and trends between different periods of time. A breakdown by account and quick search capabilities makes the budget process efficient and seamless.

Dot General Ledger Setup

Creating a complex General Ledger with segments such as department or divisions is handled through a graphical setup wizard. Having explanations and assistance as you setup this crucial area of your accounting is a huge benefit. A step by step walkthrough of each area ensures that you do not overlook something critical to your business.

Dot Accounting Periods

Having flexibility in creating the right accounting periods for your business is important. Whether you need to have weekly, monthly or quarterly accounting periods, you can determine your beginning and ending dates and monitor open and closed periods at a glance. Having a way to secure transactions within a selected period of time ensures your financial information will not change.

Dot Default Accounts

Default Accounts are used to assign specific General Ledger accounts to key areas of the program. By setting up the default accounts by module, NG erp will automatically fill in these accounts when creating transactions throughout the program. This will save you time knowing that the selected default accounts are being populated for you.

Dot Close Fiscal Year

At the end of your company's fiscal year you can zero out the Revenue and Expense accounts and to remove all entries to the General Ledger through the Close Fiscal Year process. After closing the fiscal year the company will have a clean General Ledger for the current fiscal year. Once you close the fiscal year there is no way to go back and build the GL detail that has been removed. However, you do have the ability to archive the transaction details outside of the program.




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