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Comprehensive and Integrated Accounting Modules

NG erp provides all required accounting features to enable the effective planning and control of your business aspects including canned/user-defined/crystal reports/integrated excel reporting, know exactly where your business stands at the click of a button.

Dot General Ledger

NG erp general ledger provides a multi-segmented account number, multi-division capability, flexible accounting periods, ability to re-open periods, default accounts and much more. NG erp provides full drill down capability to all layers down to source documents. Multi-division/Multi-Currency features makes NG erp the perfect choice for growing companies that operate numerous facilities around the globe.

Dot Accounts Payable

Is virtually a mirror image of Accounts Receivables. Receiving transactions automatically generate completed vouchers for matching and posting, with all detail pre-populated and Purchase Price Variance calculated. Modify, add line items and special charges to vouchers before posting. Generate manual vouchers for non-PO purchases. Vendor prepayments are handled with ease. Process payments invoice-by-invoice, or in batch mode. Setup recurring vouchers. All accounting contacts are maintained separately from other NG erp contacts to provide confidentiality. Standard A/P reports and user-defined reports make tracking your payables easy.

Dot Accounts Receivable

Flexible and comprehensive Shipping transactions automatically generate invoices for review and posting, with all detail pre-populated. Or, have them auto-posted if preferred. Add line items and special charges to invoices before posting. Generate manual invoices. Process cash receipts invoice-by-invoice or in batch mode. Customer prepayments are handled with ease. Apply finance charges, automatically, based on your criteria, either globally or customer-by-customer. Setup recurring invoices. All accounting contacts are maintained separately from other NG erp contacts to provide confidentiality. Standard A/R reports and user-defined reports make tracking your receivables easy.

Dot Budget and Planning

Extremely simple Process, Choose from Current Year Budget, Previous Year Budget, Current Year Actual, Current Year Operation Plan, and Variances. Perform what-if scenarios by easily building different budgets using either fixed-dollar or percentage variables.

Dot Banking

Unlimited bank accounts, Flexible check writing support printBoss, Quick and easy deposit management. Simple account reconciliation - electronically import bank data – click to clear items – that’s it!

Dot Cost Accounting

NG erp provides the flexibility to track detail Cost elements, including: Direct Material, Direct Labor, Overhead, Setup Cost, Subcontract Cost and Total Cost. Choose from Weighted Moving Average and/or Standard. Perform cost roll up, analyze cost history by part number, transaction type, by date range, Job, and more. Track costs by Work Order and/or by Project.

Dot Financial Reporting

Features over 120 standard reports. In addition, the easy-to-use report writer allows custom reports, providing easy access to your most important data. NG erp also supports the use of Crystal Reports and comes "out of the box" including excel financial statements that allow you to use your imagination and create a fully customized profit and loss, balance sheet statements, with/without budget and more.




  • Menu

    Ng Ribbon (Touch Friendly menu).

  • Chart of Accounts Center.

  • GL

    General Ledger Center.

  • Payables

    Accounts Payable Center.

  • Pay

    Payable Processing Center.

  • Receivables

    Receivables Center.

  • Receive

    Receivables Processing Center.

  • GJ

    General Journal Center.

  • Banking Center.

  • Accounting - Batch Posting Center.

  • CallAct

    Service Orders (Calls) Billing Center.

  • CallAct

    Cost Accounting Center.

  • Recurring

    Accounting Recurring Transactions Center.

  • Reports

    Finance Reporting Center.

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