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Manage Your Business Supply Chain and Payables

Dot Purchasing/Payables

With NG erp. Purchasing and payables are simple and can be customized to fully automatic or fully manual process with "three way" matching - including percent tolerance allowed and flags/ warnings for price variance between Purchase Orders and Vouchers.
Convert a Purchase requisition to Order to Receipt to Voucher, unlimited receipts per Order and consolidate receipts to one voucher.

With the click of a button, enter the Supplier payment information directly onto a voucher , back orders are automatically tracked and inventory dynamically updates.

You'll impress suppliers with your ability to see their transaction history at a glance and your ability to remember the items you have purchased from them before - all through enhanced Supplier center.
You'll be able to track purchase history and quality of goods received through integrated incoming quality control system.

Dot Payable

Process your supplier’s payments with ease. Flexible design allows you to pay partial, pay through payment center, by age or fully apply payments to individual voucher, short payments, prepayment and other business scenarios.
    • Process and apply credit card transactions.
    • Allow split payments on a single transaction.
    • Apply open debit memos and prepayments.
    • Process returned checks with a single click.
    • Flow checks directly into bank deposit module for accurate bank balances.
    • track all daily payments with one identifier and clear it in bank reconciliation in one click

Dot Grow Your Business

Planning - Purchasing engine that drives your supply chain management. NG erp will boost your purchasing savings by rating suppliers and price lists and provide unlimited cross reference/approved sources , inventory and cost information at your fingertips. Purchase to MRP Center, MRP reschedule or Purchase to Order provide you with all needed flexibility whether you your business model is "Make To Order", "Make To Stock" or Custom Design/Build You'll be able to react quickly to any emerging allocations in the marketplace and adjust your supply accordingly with easy cost savings and built-in reporting capabilities




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