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Manage Product and Raw Material with Ease

NG erp provides a rich set of tools to efficiently manage inventory and know what you have and where it is at all times. NG erp efficiently manages all transactions such as receipts, issues, customer returns, returns from a repair process (RMA), cycle/physical counts, and more. Transactions can be automatically posted to the general ledger when appropriate. Transaction audit trails are available at all levels and for all transactions and can be viewed from within the documents or from the transactions center, as well as, when viewing source documents such as Sales Order shipments, Work Orders consumption, Purchase Order receipts, RMA processes etc.

 Contacts Highlights

• Multiple Stockrooms – unlimited
• Stock locations in stock room - unlimited
• Manage inventory by any of the following
        o Job
        o Commodity
        o Class code
        o Lot number
        o Serial number
        o Expiration dates
        o Much more
Quickly search, analyze, and report information needed to maintain proper inventory levels:
    • Safety Stock and Reorder-points
    • Report and view by stockroom, location, part number, cost, kits in process, ship status, etc.
    • One-click export to Excel

 Contacts Available to Promise

Give users real-time access to critical material information:
    • Stock levels
    • Impact of current production
    • Outstanding Purchase Order status
    • Open Sales Orders
    • Net available to promise with priority

 Contacts Advanced Picking and Kitting

• Real-time load management
• Partial kitting and management of kits "in process"
• Inventory listings reflect items selected for pick – real time inventory

 Contacts Physical/Cycle Count

NG erp includes "best in class" Cycle /Physical Count Module:
    • Items on active counts flagged on all transactions
    • Serial Number and Lot count management and rollup
    • Count results and reports that provide with gross, net and unit variance before commit
Automatic journal entry and posting of inventory account adjustment




  • Customer Center

    Customer Center.

  • Contacts

    Contact Center.

  • Campaign Center

    Campaign Center.

  • Opportunity

    Opportunity Center.

  • Quote Center

    Quote Center.

  • Sales Order

    Sales Order Center.

  • Job Center

    Projects/Job Center.

  • Call center

    Service Calls center.

  • Inventory

    Inventory Center.

  • Call Schedule

    Service Orders Dispatch/Schedule Center.

  • Call Schedule

    Return Material Tracking and Repair (RMA).

  • MRP

    Materials Requirements Planning Center.

  • Wo

    Work Orders Center.

  • Ship

    Shipping/Distribution Center.

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