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Manage Customer Service Calls, RMA and Field Services

NG erp Field Services Module will provide your company with information and history available at all points along the customer relationship management process:
    Full call and ticket tracking
    full return material (RMA) system, including quoting
    Third-party labor and event tracking and financial management
    Service agreement management
    Data centers that summarize key information about work elements
    Third-party field services management

Dot Scheduling and Dispatch

Schedule service calls with a single click:
    • Graphical view and drag-n-drop functionality makes scheduling service calls a snap
    • One click adds start/end dates in call, as well as, in the supplier/technician schedule
    • Right click on the appointment bar to print or email a call traveler, view and edit call details, site details, cancel appointments, and more…

Dot Customer Site Management

Site management tools provide the ability to track customer, contact, product,
related documents and event actions/history.

Dot Returns and Warranty Management

Manage your “repair and returns” and ensure happy customers:
NG erp includes fully integrated returns management (RMA), warranty
and product registration to make often overlooked tasks fast, simple
and reliable.

Dot Returned Material Processes

 NG erp solves problems common with typical RMA systems:
    • Includes true serial number control and separate management of returns inventory
    • Flexibility in handling multiple items and advance unit replacement
    • Rich RMA detail, including receipt and re-ship information
    • Comprehensive failure and repair reporting including failure and repair coding
    • RMA stock managed separately from inventory
    • Supports advance replacement items and returning repaired items to stock

Dot RMA Administration

Give managers real-time access to critical performance information:
    • Data center overview to track material as it flows through the repair process
    • Rich summary information to manage turnaround times
    • Detailed real-time performance metrics including
        std. deviation for RMA turnaround time

Dot Warranty and Product Registration

Quickly find the information you need:
    • Warranty and terms of coverage visibility online
    • quickly search records by customer, location, item, sales order, serial number, etc.
    • Definable warranty starts and end dates
    • Link to rich site specific information




  • Customer Center

    Customer Center.

  • Contacts

    Contact Center.

  • Campaign Center

    Campaign Center.

  • Opportunity

    Opportunity Center.

  • Quote Center

    Quote Center.

  • Sales Order

    Sales Order Center.

  • Job Center

    Projects/Job Center.

  • Call center

    Service Calls center.

  • Inventory

    Inventory Center.

  • Call Schedule

    Service Orders Dispatch/Schedule Center.

  • Call Schedule

    Return Material Tracking and Repair (RMA).

  • MRP

    Materials Requirements Planning Center.

  • Wo

    Work Orders Center.

  • Ship

    Shipping/Distribution Center.

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